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Mainstream bull***t...

2011-12-13 10:24:39 by Byoubyanese

I honestly hate all this Skyrm mainstream crap. "OMGBBQ, itz such a grate gam3!!!11!!!" Has anyone besides Ego made a LA Noir flash submission? Probably not... Franchises are what make people buy games, one-shots like Noire, nobody gives a f**k about. Which is lame. Screw everyone on this site who made a Skyrm flash submission and hail the ones that take risks and that flash something less famous. It's easy to get views and comments on something everybody loves, but it's hard and more noble and note worthy for those who score views from more sophisticated games.


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2012-03-17 23:32:19

Happened to click on your name and read this.

100% agree!


2012-03-27 23:35:26

Damned hipsters...

I'm no Skyrim fan, but popularity is no reason to hate a game.